Fox Valley AEYC Scholarships

The Fox Valley AEYC offers members four types of scholarships and an equipment grant.
All members, including first year members are eligible to apply for Membership Scholarships. To apply for the other scholarships or an equipment grant you will need to have been a member for at least one year. In 2016 we have awarded one Conference Scholarship and seven student membership scholarships.
We offer the following types of Scholarships:

Membership Scholarship: (available to all members) The purpose is to provide funds for reimbursement for membership in Fox Valley AEYC and NAEYC. The recipient is eligible to receive this scholarship one time. The amount awarded will be $5.00 less than the current cost of a regular membership.

College Scholarship: The purpose is to provide reimbursement for college or university fees for credit courses directly related to Early Childhood Education. Eighty percent of the cost of the course, up to $300, whichever is less, will be awarded. A maximum of $600 per year can be awarded to any one individual.

Conference Scholarship: The purpose is to provide reimbursement for registration for any Early Childhood Education conference/workshop. The amount awarded will be the cost of registration or $300, whichever is less.

Special Topics Scholarship: The purpose is to promote flexibility and creativity by allowing funding for self-defined topics. Examples would include a special project/study or developing special curriculum. The amount awarded will be up to $500.

Equipment Grant: The purpose is to assist programs in providing developmentally appropriate environments for children. Grant money may only be used to purchase equipment or materials. Four grants are available each year. Programs serving less than 50 children may apply for up to $300; programs serving more than 50 children may apply for up to $500. Someone who has been a member of Fox Valley AEYC for at least one year must submit the equipment grant application.

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