Public Policy/Advocacy

One purpose of Fox Valley AEYC, Illinois AEYC and NAEYC is to advocate for children, families and the professionals who serve them. We will use this page to advise our members of issues being discussed in local, state and national legislatures that will have an impact on young children and their education.

This is the Public Policy Report that was shared at the most recent Board Meeting; we hope everyone will call their legislators!

Next Tuesday, November 10th, both the Illinois House and Senate will both be in session in Springfield.  Depending on how many Senators and Representatives are able to make it to Springfield, they could call Senate Bill 570 for a vote again. This is the vital bill that will reverse the devastating impact of the July lst Child Care Assistance Program Emergency Rules. 
Senate Bill 570 sponsored by Senator Hutchenson, D/Chicago Heights and Rep. Gordan-Booth, D/Peoria restores CCAP eligibility to the guidelines in place prior to the implementation of the emergency rules.  The bill also protects against similar future action.
Call Your Senator and Representative NOW:  
  • Urge him/her to attend session on November 10th  
  • Urge him/her to vote YES on SB 570
We'll try to post links to websites of interest that you may want to visit:
Defending the Early Years - a lot of information on trends and a focus on advocating for the rights of young children. 
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